John Lennon (1940/1980) • Mind Games

"The Beatles, you see, I'm too involved in them artistically.
I cannot see them objectively. I cannot listen to them objectively.
I'm dissatisfied with every record the Beatles ever fucking made.
There ain't one of them I wouldn't remake, including all the Beatles records and all my individual ones. When I was a Beatle, I thought we were the best fucking group in the god-damned world. And believing that is what made us what we were, whether we call it the best rock-'n'-roll group or the best pop group or whatever. But you play me those tracks today and I want to remake every damn one of them [ ]
The answer is that we did some good stuff and we did some bad stuff.I don't mean to belittle the Beatles when I say they weren't this, they weren't that [ ] I'm just trying not to overblow their importance as separate from society. It was our generation, that's all.
It was Sixties music."
John Lennon Interview : David Sheff (Sept. 1980)

© Astrid Kirchherr • Fun Fair Hamburg (1960)

I Got To Find My Baby • The Beatles
June 1963 / BBC "Pop Go The Beatles Radio Show" - BeatlesBible
From The Beatles Live at the BBC (Capitol 2001)

© Bob Bonis - Beatles US Tour (1964) WogBlog

Dizzy Miss Lizzy • The Beatles "Help" (1965 UK Mono)

Strawberry Fields Forever [Take 1] (1967) • The Beatles "Anthology 2"

Happiness is a Warm Gun • The Beatles "White Album" (1968)

Across the Universe • The Beatles
from "No One's Gonna Change Our World"
V.A. Benefit Album for the WWF (Regal Starline 1969)

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